About Me

I’m Madie, a 22 year old art student from Sydney, Australia; and all i do is cry about comics, anime, and video games.

I don’t read dc anymore since the new 52 but I’m so down for recs anytime! Feel free to send me a message anytime with anything u think I should read!

I’m watching Teen Wolf, Elementary, and sort of watching supernatural but mostly just cringing my way through it. I also regularly binge on short animes and then make like, giant queues of posts from them. I’m on a kind of downward spiral regarding one direction atm so I’m very sorry about it.

Skittles is the only ship I tag for so ? Also I reblog a lot of Dylan O’Brien’s sweet angel face, and I’m super pro Scott McCall/Tyler Posey so maybe don’t follow if u don’t like him?

Go to my personal tag for pictures of my face and whiny text posts. And ask me questions about watev, anon is always on pm.

Also! I’m not always on, I set queues and don’t bother to tag them so if I don’t reply straight away just chill, I’m prob doing a thing irl.

I’m always open to tagging things if someone requests that I do, so please don’t hesitate if you need me to for blacklisting or watev :)